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Jul. 23rd, 2017 09:08 pm
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Yes, it's time for a grumpy book review.  www.amazon.com/Vulture-Private-Life-Unloved-Bird/dp/1611689716/ref=sr_1_1 

Turkey Vultures are an everyday sight here.  The birds are elegant fliers, soaring through the sky, with very little motion.  They play; yes, they do.  Watching them glide around our big snag, across the meadow, dipping low before they ascend just above our fence line, trying not to flap, is the kind of thing country mice like me do instead of watching television.  Much more entertaining.  Even though I've been vomited on a few times, back when I was involved in wildlife rehab, I still love the species.  Plus, they do important work, cleaning up carcasses.  So, when I heard a podcast about this book, I requested it immediately from the library.

The book is supposed to be about vultures, and it is to a degree, but really, it's about this woman, her unborn baby, her perfect husband, all of her friends, her travels to see the vultures, writing exercises about a vulture family, and side trips into vultures in myth and legend.  I'm over a third of the way through it and have yet to learn anything new about the birds.  It's past my "toss or continue" limit, so it goes back on Tuesday, unloved.

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Jul. 20th, 2017 09:54 pm
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I think we ought to rename our place, call it "Gravel Bar," because there sure is a lot of gravel.  Expensive gravel, gravel trucked in from elsewhere in five yard increments, and gravel that's got to be most boring gray color ever.  Shovel, rake, and tractor moving said gravel from its various piles to other, smaller piles, which require the shovel and rake.  There is a good possibility that we're done with this particular phase of gravel-moving, but there's still a small possibility that we might have to buy one more load of path fines. 

Projects, they're what we're all about. 

Landscaping continues, maybe this is the year that the garden garage gets its doors and battens, and then there are the projects 2.0 that get spun out of the current ones.  The goal is to get this place to a state where it doesn't demand so much of our time, backs, and knees.  It's a good goal, a noble goal, but it's a moving target kinda goal. 

About the Schtick this past weekend.

Jul. 17th, 2017 01:15 pm
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So in reading through various Facebook comments from people in Caid, I see that a number of my friends are discussing their upset about the theater displayed during Coronation court.

Was it what I would have done? No. But… it isn’t my reign. Nor is it about me.

Each Kingdom in the SCA is very different. In other Kingdoms, we tend to see the “dead king” tradition, in that the outgoing and incoming Crowns come up with some sort of schtick to explain the reason for a transition. Sometimes, the schtick is good and exciting and believable. Other times, I’ve seen some really gory schtick (fake blood squirting everywhere). And yet other times, I’ve seen some schtick that was just, well… terrible. But hey, the world doesn’t end. The Kingdom doesn’t fall.

Caid, by its nature, tends to be a bit stoic and liturgical, in that coronations often follow the same exact type of formula as the one before… and the one before. This has an advantage in some ways in that we know what to expect and we know when/where to do what – it is our tradition. But on the other hand, if you are the kind of individual who really doesn’t care for repetition, or views it more as “stuffy ceremony”, our coronations might not hold the same magic for you that one with more theatre and schtick could give. If that is the case, like in the scenario I described above, the world doesn’t end. The Kingdom doesn’t fall. Both styles have advantages and disadvantages.

During this reign, TRM have chosen to add in some theatre to Their courts. And yes, some people don’t like it. But I want you all to consider this – other people do like it. Why? Because it is something different – something fresh – something unique to this reign that makes it different than the one before, and the one before, and the one before. I am not defending nor condemning anything that has happened thus far, but simply trying to help put it in perspective. The world hasn’t ended. The Kingdom will not fall. Some people will not like it. Others will absolutely love it.

Perhaps you are one of those people who enjoyed the schtick. If so, GREAT! I hope you enjoyed the heck out of watching it. Perhaps you are one of the people who found it disrespectful to the Crown and/or tradition. If so, I am absolutely not telling you that you are wrong or telling you how to feel. But what I am humbly requesting is that you be kind and be an adult in how you express your concerns or views. Why? Because there is a huge difference between witnessing something that you think appears disrespectful (which is an absolutely valid interpretation) versus the people in the schtick INTENTIONALLY BEING disrespectful. Note the difference? I have personally spoken to TRM and believe them to have good intentions. Are they doing all the things as I would do them? No. But there is no reason for me to expect them (or anyone else for that matter) to do that. But are they doing things to intentionally be rude, or intentionally be disrespectful or just to mess with people? I do not believe so.

For me personally, I just don’t view court schtick as being the hill I want to die on one way or another. But that’s me. If you find that you just cannot participate in a reign that does schtick of this kind, that is 100% your right and your option. You can take a mini-vacation and come back later if you like. The world will not end. The Kingdom will not fall. And I will not criticize you one bit. If it ain’t your thing, it ain’t your thing.

But please – whatever you do - be respectful. Be kind. Be considerate. Be honorable. And be an adult. That is all I ask. Thank you.
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 I'm going back to my more usual pattern of covering thick books one chapter at a time! Velasco will take care of almost two months worth of entries, which will give me some breathing space during my summer travels.
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